Lucy Buddy
Foreign Editions
Have You Seen Elvis?
It's Show-Time, Elvis!
On a Tall Tall Cliff
Very Sleepy Sloth
Og the Dog
Foreign Editions
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Have You Seen Elvis?

Australia (PB) ISBN 0864615108
Denmark (HB) ISBN 8778892147
Finland (HB) ISBN 8271069616
Norway (HB) ISBN 8271069357
Sweden (HB) ISBN 9173110876
USA (HB) ISBN 006057187X
UK Edition at Amazon

The Very Sleepy Sloth

Australia (HB) ISBN 0864614462
Catalan (HB) ISBN 8448816463
China (PB) ISBN 9787802026067
Finland (HB) ISBN 951882309X
French-Canadian (PB)ISBN 0439958172
Holland (HB) ISBN 9056951823
Korea (HB) ISBN 8956882568
Spain (HB) ISBN 8448816455
USA (HB) ISBN 1589250338
On a Tall Tall Cliff

On a Tall, Tall Cliff

UK Edition at Amazon

Og the Dog and the Uninventor

USA (HB) ISBN 080697835X

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