Lucy Buddy
Have You Seen Elvis?
Have You Seen Elvis?
It's Show-Time, Elvis!
On a Tall Tall Cliff
Very Sleepy Sloth
Og the Dog
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By Andrew Murray and Nicola Slater

Buddy the dog and Elvis the cat are always fighting, and although Elvis is brave, Buddy is bigger. Elvis has had enough and leaves one night through the cat flap. Lucy's tears and puffy eyes make Buddy feel so bad that he decides to go and search for his old adversary. But night is a cat's world all right!

This first picture book by the illustrator synonymous with The Princess Diaries is a stunning debut. It is packed with pathos, action and humour, and will strike a chord with feuding brothers and sisters everywhere - that maybe, just maybe they would actually miss one another if one of them left home.

Published by Pan Macmillan

9.99 Hardback  ISBN 0330987071

4.99 Paperback ISBN 033398708X

The Illuminated Film Company

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