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On a Tall Tall Cliff
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On a Tall Tall Cliff
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Illustrated by Alan Snow, creator of the Boxtrolls

On a Tall, Tall Cliff

  • By Andrew Murray and Alan Snow

On a tall, tall cliff there are two little houses.  The house nearest the edge is where Puffle lives.  From the edge he can look ... down ......down the deep dark rocks far below.

One day, Busby asks to borrow EVERYTHING from Puffle's house -- even the walls and roof!  It seems a lot to ask -- but it will really help!  He doesn't realise it yet, but in bringing his entire house to Busby, Puffle is saved from a terrible fate...  The cliff edge nearest Puffle's house is crumbling and is going to fall down, down, down to the deep dark rocks, far below...

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